About Lunarue...

Lunarue are a small family run company based in Willenhall, in the Black Country. We are home to the original elasticated head wooden doll! All our dolls are made and painted in house by creator Cally and her husband, Jamie.

Artist and Painter Cally has been creating her whimsical characters since 2010 and sold over 150 original paintings. Cally and her husband decided to start a family in 2016 and since then, motherhood had taken over. This is until she found a love for wooden toys for her son Reuben. Ideas of her characters as dolls and toys came flooding in, and she wondered how she could make this happen. In Autumn 2019 She explained all of her ideas to her friend Rhean and her husband Adam, and 2 days later we had our very first prototype for a Lunarue doll. Since then they have built the Lunarue doll into what it is now, using the well known 'blockhead' shaped wooden toy and Cally's unique style. 

We're glad it never rained today.jpg

Original Patchwork Friend Artwork
Created Feb 2011

...and Now!

In the beginning...

Since September 2020 our business Lunarue has solely been a family run business, with me and my husband Jamie taking over completely. Lunarue continues to grow from strength to strength with a fan base fast growing. I am extremely grateful to all of our customers and fans who support our small business and continue to make my dream of being an artist and maker a reality. 
We have many ideas and plans for the upcoming months to expand our business with exciting new designs and products on the way!



Lunarue xo