Mark making fun for toddlers

Firstly I'd like to say welcome to Lunarue's first blog post! Our first post will be about the importance of toddlers having fun with mark making in painting.

It is more important than ever right now to engage in free play with our children, being self isolated can be difficult and confusing for them so letting them express themselves through the physical experience of mark making can help distract them. I've noticed that when I paint with my son Reuben, letting him have full control of exploration of senses, patterns, colours and textures really helps his development. He is learning all the time. Constantly asking questions, getting excited over the movement of the paint on the paper.

What is mark making? Mark making is any patterns, shapes, movements and lines on the page. It gives children a chance to explore new materials and senses, using their hands or different objects to leave their mark! I decided for our first blog post that I would put together a list of a few items you can find around your home that are good for mark making. In the photo I have the following: Bubble wrap Toilet roll cardboard Paper straw Toy car Tissue paper Pom pom Wooden letters used for crafting. I must admit, you don't need many items, my son was happy using just 2 or 3, but it is nice to have a variety if you wish to do it more times than one. The only other things you will need is paper/card and paints! Here's some photos of our mark making and experiments with our found objects. We found the cars and loo roll cardboard particularly fun!

What's great about this activity is there are so many possibilities and it's really fun and simple to do! You most likely already have everything you need in the house already (perfect if you are self isolating.) Let them go wild and explore their creativity, I'm sure you'll have fun too!

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