Please read below about how our monthly subscriptions work to avoid confusion or disappointment: 

Subscriptions will be open on the 21st of each month until the 1st of the following month For example Subscriptions will open on the 21st of November and close on the 1st of December. If subscriptions are made in this time you will receive your doll in the month following. Dolls will be dispatched the end of the 3rd week/ beginning of the 4th week of that month.


*Monthly subscription dolls will remain a surprise until sent out, but some hints and clues will be shared on our social media sites leading up to dispatch day! 

*Doll designs will include animals, themes, role play and simple designs. They will vary each month. They may be linked to the seasonal changes, or they may be random. 


*You can't buy these designs from our website and they will only be available through subscriptions. This may change in the future and designs may be released a few months to a year later, but they may not be. 


*All monthly subscription dolls will be sent out the end of the 3rd week/beginning of the 4th week of that month. This date will vary but ALL subscribers will have their dolls dispatched on the same day.

*Please feel free to use a store discount. These can be found all through out social media! 

Lunarue Peg doll Monthly Subscription!

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscription
£9.50monthly/ auto-renew
6 Months
£9.50monthly/ 6 months
12 Monthly
£9.03monthly/ 12 months