This listing is for 1 pot of 15ml wood butter and 2 x 6inches by 6inches handmade cloths in surprise prints (see print examples above.)
You can use one cloth for applying the wax, and one for buffing off the excess wax!


Dalirose Crafts wood butter is handmade from raw linseed oil - one of very few hardening oils, carnauba wax-the toughest wax in the world, finished of with a hint of Italian lemons.

It is non toxic and food safe with no added solvents, making it perfect for toys.

Vegan friendly and EN71-3 certifed.

Apply with a clean cloth and rub into the wood using circular motion. A little goes a long way. You can leave it to soak in, then wipe the excess off after a few minutes. Recommendation to reapply every 4-6 months to your Lunarue dolls.

*Please note that change in colour of the wood is to be expected after the application.

Recommended application:
We recommend you apply a tiny amount of wax to your cloth and rub on gently and thoroughly, working into the grain if possible. Leave for 5-10 minutes then lightly buff the excess wax off to leave a beautiful finish.

Natural Wood butter with 2 x Handmade cloths