Traveller Roo's Adventures

Traveller Roo wants to visit you!
Would you like to take him on an adventure?

You can take him anywhere you like, Paris, home, a museum, even on a hike.
Snap a photo and send it our way,
We'll log it for his memories,
To look back on one day.

Send him to the next host,
he'll be their friendly new guest.
They'll go on another adventure,
And sent on to the next.

How to get involved:

If you would like Traveller Roo to visit you, simply sign up on our pinned post on our Facebook group 'Lunarue wooden toys group.' Once you add your name, you will be contacted by the person above once they've welcomed Traveller Roo into their home and had an adventure, so they can pass him on to you! If you don't have Facebook, please email us and I can add you directly. Once you have a visit from Roo, you can keep him for no longer than 2 weeks, then he must be sent on to the next friendly host, tracked delivery to ensure he arrives their safely.
To follow Traveller Roo's adventures you can find him on Instagram @theadventuresoftravellerroo